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We are always interested in applications from interested and enthusiastic students and postdocs. To discuss details of the research you might pursue in the TCNLab, please contact

The mission of Lisa Saksida and Tim Bussey’s Translational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab (TCNLab) is to understand the circuits and mechanisms underlying cognition, particularly learning and memory. This is essential for improving diagnosis and early detection of brain disease, and for finding possible new treatments. The research carried out by the TCNLab team combines neurobiological techniques for manipulating brain circuits (e.g., DREADDs, optogenetics, pharmacology, transgenic and knockout mouse models, viral vectors) with sophisticated analysis of cognition using mainly touchscreen-based assessment systems.

Dr. Saksida is the Scientific Director of the BrainsCAN Initiative at Western which was recently awarded $66 Million in funding from Canada First Research Fund (CFREF), and Dr. Bussey is a Western Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience.  They are both core members of the Brain and Mind Institute and together they invented the Bussey-Saksida Touchscreen Chamber. 

BrainsCAN Opportunities

BrainsCAN Postdoctoral Fellowship Program